401K Plans

401k Plans from Pontrelli, Timour & Associates

Pontrelli, Timour & Associates will match the retirement plan that makes the most sense with your organization. We will assist in evaluating each plan and investment option with you. Large or small, we have a retirement solution that will make sense for you and your employees. Through our customer-centric approach, our goal is to offer a plan that works across the board for all the parties involved.

The reason for this approach is clear. Research shows that a major goal for employees is having enough money when they retire. A challenge is that most doubt they will turn that goal into a viable reality. Helping your employee prepare for retirement is one of the most important benefits you can offer.

Pontrelli, Timour & Associates can help your company find a tailored, competitive, cost-effective 401k retirement plans that makes sense for both you and your employees. The ultimate goal is to find a plan that can be integrated into your company’s total compensation approach and strategy.

The goal of a quality 401k Plans is to increase employee participation and engagement in your retirement program. At the same time, we understand the importance of increasing and optimizing the performance of your retirement program over time. Pontrelli, Timour & Associates accomplishes these goals through:

  1. Plan design consulting with objective retirement plan recommendations
  2. Partner with strong administrators who provide Fiduciary plan review and Actuarial services to understand the current market for retirement plans in your industry while managing risk and exposure from a long-term perspective
  3. Plan Presentation of what our preferred carriers offer and what makes the most sense for your company
  4. Ongoing Plan Management by assisting in employee communication and keeping track of market updates

The retirement landscape is evolving rapidly. Financial risk, market volatility and regulatory changes make it difficult for companies to provide retirement plans that align with business goals. Pontrelli, Timour & Associates has developed a strategy to directly address such challenges for small to mid-sized businesses. We help to ensure that the 401k retirement plan that your company embraces is secure, equitable and sustainable.

Our goal is to deliver you retirement plan options that results in a positive response from both the employer and the employees. To learn more about how we can tailor a 401k retirement plan for you and your employees, please contact us today at 626-795-4138 or click here for a free consultation.