Life Insurance

Pontrelli, Timour & Associates Life Insurance Benefits

The simple truth is that most individuals are underinsured when it comes to life insurance, placing their families or their businesses at unnecessary risk. When it comes to personal coverage, Pontrelli, Timour & Associates believe that life insurance is a crucial step in planning for your future and your family’s future. It can fulfill promises and obligations that you want to keep no matter what happens. The funds can be used to cover family obligations, maintain their quality of living and provide quality educational opportunities for the children.

Life insurance also can be used to ensure that a family business will pass on in the direction you want. It can help your survivors receive the full value for the business through a buy-sell agreement. Whether insuring a business with a buy-sell agreement, key-person coverage, or limiting financial exposure for spouses and children, Pontrelli, Timour & Associates has the solution for you.

In terms of group life insurance policies, Pontrelli, Timour & Associates believe that offering an affordable life insurance option to your staff will help you hire and retain good employees. With group life insurance, participants have the benefit of working with an agency that will provide you with service and support when it is needed most.   When it comes to group life insurance, businesses can expect to offer their employees benefits similar to an individual plan such as:

  1. Term Life Insurance
  2. Whole Life Insurance
  3. Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Whether life insurance for the individual, life insurance designed for your business, or group life insurance, Pontrelli, Timour & Associates can help you find the option that works best for you and your organization. We can guide you in the selection of the best life insurance plan that meets your needs and your company’s budget. Please contact us at 626-795-4138 or sign up today for a free consultation and ensure that your future is protected across the board.